Saturday, April 27, 2013

Great Chefs, Great Foods

           Great Chef and great food is always come together, if we see the history of a chef. it is very long and will takes more than a year just to explain about it. nowaday we have more choice of cuisine than before, technology and internet is everywhere and very easy to use. chef not only being someone in the kitchen. Today chef works in so many division, some of them change their career become a food supplier, some become a consultant, some become a designer and some still choose to become a pure chef only.

            2005 - 2012 is the new era of gastronomy, this is when Ferran Adria start to introduce new style of cuisine called molecular gastronomy. It sounds scary, is it a chemical thing in our food, OMG i even don't want to think about it. but it is actually just only an advance knowledge about food itself, because we can not forget that in every cooking process it is actually a chemical reaction.

            for example when we grill something on the grill, it happen some burning reaction where the meat itself becoming a carbon and co2. Thats why do not to be worry about this term that we know as molecular gastronomy. Actually this kind of procedure is already happen for the big factory, an item such as xantan gum, metil celuloce and etc is widely use in their big production. they use it either to preserve the item or just to enhance the flavot or texture from the product they want to sell.

            This time specially in Bahrain, people like to have a cheaper price with a generous portion. They like to stay where they can hangout and relax more than a fine dining scene restaurant. thats the reason why coffee shop in bahrain is more profitable than fine dining or even fast food. we can see the price between all, is not so much different. the guest in Bahrain are smarter than couple years back specially after the riot that happen 2 years ago. some people..... to be continued 

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